LFA is a professional Mixed Martial Arts promotion that gives rising stars and top contenders the opportunity to prove their talent to fans and leaders in the industry. LFA was formed by the powerhouse merger between RFA and Legacy FC. LFA presents live Mixed Martial Arts events on a monthly basis around the United States including Atlanta, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Based in Las Vegas, NV, LFA is one of the most active and respected MMA organizations in the fastest growing sport in the world.

LFA Mission Statement

LFA will strive to produce the next generation of MMA stars. LFA will do this by giving top MMA prospects and resurgent MMA veterans high-profile fights on an international stage.  The distinct identity behind the LFA comes from the vision of its executive team. We are businessmen, martial artists, and fans of the sport who share the same passion for MMA as our fans and fighters. We will take each of our unique experiences in the sport and will leverage our strengths to benefit the LFA organization, our athletes, and MMA fans around the world. We will take pride in developing the LFA worldwide fan base and corporate partnerships, while furthering the careers of its exceptional athletes.

LFA Team

Ed Soares
Chief Executive Officer
Ed Soares is the Chief Executive Officer of LFA. Soares has been involved in the mixed martial arts industry since 1998, when he created an iconic line of apparel called Sinister Brand, which became a regular sponsor of many top MMA fighters. Later, Soares co-founded his management company Tough Media Corp and his MMA gym Black House MMA, which have guided and facilitated the careers of some of the most legendary fighters in the sport. In 2012, Soares became the President of RFA. In that role, Soares helped RFA gain a global identity as the premier developmental organization for fighters trying to reach the UFC. In 2017, Soares led the merger of RFA and Legacy FC that created LFA. This helped strengthen and continue his efforts in developing the top prospects in MMA by tripling the number of events. Soares has also helped secure a national television deal with AXS TV as well as several corporate sponsorship agreements, which have supported the LFA and the individual careers of several LFA fighters.
Sven Bean
Sven Bean is the President of LFA. Bean has been producing high-level MMA and Kickboxing events since 2000, when he founded Ring of Fire. Under the guidance of Bean, Ring of Fire launched the careers of many of the sports’ most well-known and established fighters today. Ring of Fire is widely regarded as the most prestigious organization to come out of the Rocky Mountain region. Bean also worked as a production consultant and local partner for nationally televised Muay Thai and Kickboxing organizations. In 2012, Bean became Chief Operating Officer of RFA. As part of the RFA executive team, Bean expanded the RFA brand into new markets, while cultivating established relationships and fan bases. Bean continued this role on a larger scale in 2017 after RFA and Legacy FC merged to create LFA. This tripled the number of events that he oversaw. Bean overseas all LFA fight week logistics, production, and local partnerships.

Mark Bieri
Vice President, Talent Relations
Mark Bieri is the Vice President, Talent Relations of LFA. Bieri is an industry veteran that has worked in the mixed martial arts business for eighteen years. In 2001, he helped produce the second-ever professional MMA event to be sanctioned in the state of Nevada. In 2011, Bieri was a founding member of RFA. As part of the RFA executive team, Bieri signed talent, matched fights, and created detailed “fight week” itineraries for all fighters and every team member. Bieri continued this role on a larger scale in 2017 after RFA and Legacy FC merged to create LFA. He also oversees travel, medical, and on-site logistics involving up to 30 fighters and their coaches, who travel from all over the world to a live LFA event. Bieri is a trusted and valued adviser in guiding the expansion of the LFA fight program and corporate brand..

Ryan Bevins
Director of Communications
Ryan Bevins is the Director of Communications of LFA. Bevins began covering combat sports as a journalist for various websites, magazines, and newspapers seventeen years ago and has developed valuable relationships with leading media members in the mixed martial arts industry. Bevins began covering RFA since its first event in 2011 and has an intricate understanding of the organization’s origins, how it has evolved, and the direction it is now going after RFA and Legacy FC merged to create LFA in 2017. Bevins overseas strategic media partnerships, PR initiatives for its fighters, and manages the organizations’ website and social media outlets. Bevins also credentials media members to cover live LFA events and establishes new relationships with national and local newspapers, television and radio stations, and various websites.

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